Prenatal Planning

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Relax in the comfort of your own home and let us help you plan for the arrival of your new baby!

This program is tailored to families who want to better prepare themselves for the upcoming delivery by learning more about their birth options with the one-on-one support of a Doula. Our Prenatal Planning Program gives you the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with our team. This relationship will ensure you feel as confident and prepared as you can be for when your big day arrives.

When you choose this program you will receive:

1) A comprehensive workbook and reference guide for new parents that includes all the basic information you will need about pregnancy, labour, postpartum and breastfeeding. This guide also includes worksheets and information on how to prepare a birth/postpartum plan, although our Doulas will help you walk through it all.

2) Unlimited email and phone support, as well as any extra individual research and resources tailored to your specific needs.

3) Two prenatal visits where we build a strong and supportive relationship to guide you through the program. During these visits, we answer questions, discuss any underlying fears you may have, review pain relief options, discuss how your partner can help, and more.