Placenta Encapsulation

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A practical tool to aid in postpartum healing.

Family First Doula Service provides a Placenta Encapsulation service to help ease your transition and recovery during the early postpartum period. The placenta contains natural hormones and much needed Iron that can help alleviate postpartum hormone fluctuations and increase energy when reintroduced into your body. Placenta Encapsulation is becoming increasingly mainstream as women around the world become aware of the historic role the placenta has played in the healthy recovery of a new mother.
Although every woman is different, science shows that the use of placenta positively supports the postpartum woman by:

  • Increasing milk production;
  • Balancing postpartum hormones;
  • Replenishing maternal iron levels;
  • Reducing fatigue; and,
  • Reducing the risk factors for Post Partum Depression (PPD), which affects one in five new mothers.

$175 + GST

For more information, please feel free to contact us or visit:
The Placenta Network
Placenta Benefits


To book your Placenta Encapsulation Services, please PRINT, SIGN and EMAIL back the Placenta Encapsulation Services Agreement to us at so we can confirm your booking.